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rocking around the christmas tree

26 December 2010

A dog simply makes Christmas more special.

Ever seen a photo of a great dane wearing a Santa hat and not smiled? They are cute, aren’t they? Dogs with Santa hats are as indivisible from Christmas memories, as witch hats from Halloween and green top hats from St. Patty’s Day.

In our family photo album, we have many pics of Miss Stitches alternately digging through presents, tearing open wrapped bones on December 25, and licking OD’s own Santa-hat-wrapped head when she was just months old.

Someone to Wrap a Bandanna Around

When celebrating Christmas with Miss Stitches, MW always tied a tartan ribbon around her considerable neck. No matter how high we kept the tinsel from the ground, a few silvery strands invariably settled temporarily on her head, her back, and her tail. When you have a giant breed, you also quickly learn to impose a minimum tree decoration height. Everything – including all balls, glass ornaments, nativity and Santa’s workshop scenes – must be two inches above tail height. Those are good memories.

With the approach of Christmas and happy memories of Miss Stitches, the “we should get a dog” debate continued in a more congenial atmosphere. While I remained opposed to MW and OD’s machinations, my conscious opposition began to lose steam.

The Turning Point

As baked goods disappeared and Nat King Cole and George Clooney’s aunt provided the backdrop, I think Christmas was the start of the real transition from highly reluctant to actual dog owner. With foreign guests from the Dominion of Canada visiting for two weeks, the house was filled with familial good cheer.

I read once that Japanese retailers pump oxygen into their stores. Oxygen is supposed to make shoppers more alert and happy, or something to this effect. Maybe it is just an urban legend coined twenty years ago when millions feared that Japanese ingenuity would overwhelm the American business heartland.

Employing a happiness strategy works, though. Instead of more oxygen, I surrendered to more pieces of chocolate and shortbread. They made me happy. New Years was coming. A new addition appeared to be on the horizon, too.

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