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farewell clean house

14 January 2011

With agreement on price and delivery date, MW spent the last week cleaning the house and adding a quarter cent to Petco’s earning per share for Q1 2011. The lovely vases and other breakables were raised to safety on bookshelves. Anything that could catch the eye of a roaming pup and attract her fangs was closeted for now.

In a generous gesture (if you read The Storm Builds post you might find this ironic), Lisa gave us many of Bodie’s adolescent possessions. A dog crate (recommended for dogs up to 40lb – a threshold that Luna should easily hit by May), various wipes, plastic toys and a 14ft long wire fence.

A Case of Veterinary Infallibility

A few words about the crate: since plowing through every page of Puppy’s First Steps, MW has ascribed a dogma of veterinary infallibility to its authors. Consequently, MW’s idea was that Luna would sleep peacefully and contentedly in her crate until we could trust her should she take to sleepwalking.

Petco contributed (in exchange for a considerable amount of what will become air miles on our next statement) food, combs, a few toys and other sundry items that Luna probably wouldn’t even need.

MW and OD vacuumed the carpet. It was the last time it would be unstained. We mentioned Luna’s arrival to neighbors. A funny behavioral twitch in most humans is the excitement in their voice when you tell them you’re getting a puppy. Their voices almost squeak, “You’re getting a puppy!”

I don’t think our neighbors and family were as excited when we announced that MW was pregnant with OD. MW had some last-minute conversations with B2. We confirmed the pick up.

We were at Total Dog Life minus 72 hours.

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