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total dog life minus 36 hours

16 January 2011

Another weekend. Another weekend of soccer. This time, we were off to California’s Central Valley. Close to nowhere and surrounded by orchards. OD loves soccer but weather in the middle of January can be sketchy and we had a dog to pick up.

Soccer tournaments usually guarantee every team a minimum of three games. Win or tie enough of them and you earn a fourth game on Sunday afternoon. Depending on the weather, the region, and whether your child’s bedroom needs another medal hanging looped on a finial, you may not look forward to hanging around a few more hours at the field. If you’re a soccer parent, you’ll know all about this conundrum.

Total Dog Life Minus 8 Hours

When your child is looking forward to picking up something slobbery in the afternoon, sometimes you just don’t want the team to qualify for the finals. For her sake, of course. This was our situation.

Alas, victory on a damp, foggy Central Valley morning saw OD’s team through to an afternoon matchup and a few hours added to our dogless existence. As soon as the second game ended (a loss) and the perfunctory “good game, good game, good game” handshake was complete, we headed north up the highway to our life with Luna.

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