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and luna makes five

17 January 2011

Check. Check. Check….Check.

It must be what astronauts go through pre-launch. We weren’t getting ready for space flight, though, we were just picking up a puppy. Yet, this was our pre-dog checkup, a long review of everything B2 and MW thought we needed to clarify and discuss and answer.

Luna had no idea she was leaving her family. And getting a cat for a sister. I don’t think dogs share last-minute recommendations as parents do when you leave for college:

  • Stay away from the dessert section in the dining hall
  • Don’t use your meal card to buy beer
  • Don’t inhale

The list goes on. It doesn’t for dogs.

The dog way is the simpler way. Dogs get in a car (or, as one of Luna’s sisters did, board an airplane) and leave. Walk away and don’t look back for any reason. Maybe Luna was thinking, “I’m in a new car that I haven’t chewed yet and I should celebrate.” In contrast, new owners like us leave breeders’ homes with the hope that their own home won’t soon be destroyed.

I have to say, B2 could teach some Fortune 500 companies about the right way to deliver a product. The experience was fairly incredible. We left really, really confident that we’d made a wise purchase decision. In terms of reinforcing this decision, it was first class.

Afternoon Siesta

our purchase decision asleep

She gave us a trove of info and stuff. She promised unlimited after-sales support that wouldn’t be provided from Bangalore. Luna got to keep the green stegosaurus she and her siblings had played with.

B2 ran through a list of all of the issues we’d face in the first two months; from feeding and sleeping, to behavior correction and a vaccination schedule. She gave us food supplies and supplements. We made plans to meet again for Luna’s next vaccination two weeks later.

She also gave us several DVDs. One included all of the videos and photos she had taken from birth to eight weeks. The other included a veritable library of articles and puppy-raising how-tos, including:

  • Rethinking the Causes of Canine Aggression
  • How I Dremel Dog Nails
  • Home-Cooked Dog Food Recipes
  • Teaching Your New Puppy the Right Way to Play

We left the house. We drove away. Total Dog Life had begun.

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