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day3: racial profiling in the california sun

20 January 2011

Well, last night killed any plans for a sibling for OD. Neither MW nor myself could deal with that kind of sleep deprivation due to raising a human puppy. Waking up with a headache due to the 23 minutes of actual sleep, we embraced the day and all its possibilities by lurching to the kitchen in search of caffeine.

The day’s highlight was the weather. Luna’s a California dog. If she were a Connecticut or Michigan peninsula dog, we wouldn’t have had any problems hanging around waiting for the First Poop. She would have quickly done her business in -20 degree weather and rushed back inside.

State taxes may be high, the atmosphere for launching new businesses a little unwelcoming, and real estate prices goofy, but you just can’t beat the weather. Life outside in the warm sunshine in mid-January is a luxury enjoyed by everyone, including dogs. It was mid-January, sunny and almost 70 degrees.

Luna spent her first day overdosing on vitamin D, while continuing her exploration of our garden and its secrets. Then it was off to her first vet appointment. The experience for both owner and dog did not go well.

The vet was a friend’s recommendation. Luna was nervous upon arrival. MW was tired and a little apprehensive, too. The vet welcomed her (the dog) by picking her up by her front and rear paws and setting her on her back on a cold metal examination table. MW describes it as the hog-tying part of the visit. Think of a Smithfield Farms kill floor and you get the picture.

So the treatment was rough to start. Then the vet tried to convince MW that parvo infection can vary due to color. According to the vet, black and tan dogs (like Luna) are prone to a higher rate of parvo than other dogs. When MW inquired about scientific proof supporting this, the vet replied that it was similar to black people not getting malaria. Huh?

Luna’s wasn’t even nine weeks old and already labeled. MW was thoroughly cheesed when she returned home. She immediately started looking for another vet.

Racial profiling notwithstanding, the highlight of the day was the evening’s sleep. I’m not sure if the writings of the finest faculty minds at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University deserve credit but we enjoyed a restful sleep.

MW removed the door of the crate. She used the fence to create a paddock. She arranged a nest of a large foam bed, pillows and microfleece blankets. It looked like the Arabian Nights.

Luna loved it.


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