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random observations after six days

23 January 2011

Six days gone and Luna’s routine is settling into a level of comfort. We are thankful.

Taps is about 10:00pm. She’s up 2-3 times a night for quick potty breaks. Reveille is about 6:00am.

Nourishment: Food

She eats three times a day. I’m not saying she savors the kibble as if she’s dining at The French Laundry or Le Bernardin, but her manners have dramatically improved in a short time. She’s no longer eating as though she’s catching a final bite before the Oklahoma Sooner land rush.

She’s far from super model thin but she’s dropped a little too much. We’re actually increasing her food allocation because all of the puppy activity she’s getting is making her a little too svelte.

She (Luna) is also experimenting with some natural supplementation of her own. Luna’s never seen a cow but she seems to have instinctively decided that if a calf can grow mighty eating grass, so can she.


The sleep paddock is working out well. It would appear that she’s a bit of a free-ranger in her worldview. She usually doesn’t even sleep in the crate. She just flops on one of the foam beds and dreams of play.

Nourishment: Emotional

Another interesting observation is that MW has replaced her birth Mom. Whenever MW leaves the house when Luna is awake, there is a bit of separation anxiety that no warm manly voice (mine or Isaiah Mustafa’s) can soothe.
When Luna cries and whines, it is the second coming of toddler anxiety that we so thoroughly enjoyed when OD was very little.

love luna

Enjoying my new Mum's embrace

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