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raising a puppy is really hard work

24 January 2011

MW is human after all. Or at least she has a human side she reveals in moments of weakness. A week of puppy rearing created a weakness. It was a revelation.

After returning from OD’s basketball games last weekend, MW admitted (without hesitating, too) that, “raising a puppy is really hard work. It’s a lot harder than raising a cat.”

She could have listened to me during the many months we discussed dog acquisition. Did she? No. I’d have reminded her that raising a puppy is not like ordering a pizza. Nor does it resemble in any way shepherding a kitten to adulthood.


this fur's for you: Luna's new sister

Note: I don’t think you actually raise a cat. Luna shares a house with a six-year-old Siamese, also known as LC. I don’t recall spending any time with LC on behavioral issues. She’s completely independent, like a Sherpa who climbs Everest without a satellite phone or Red Bull sponsorship.

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