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hot yoga for dogs: scorching 2011 business trend

31 January 2011

I hope we (you, me and dog lovers around the globe) can make yoga for dogs a hot 2011 business trend because Luna is, frankly, expensive.

She cost a lot. She’s costing a lot. I’m confident she’s going to continue to cost a lot for the next decade. I know she’s not even 10 weeks old but I think she should try and get an early start on paying her way. Am I wrong? I’d be remiss as a parent if I failed to teach her that a life of modern conveniences and the odd vacation isn’t free.

I found inspiration in Calvin Coolidge and an entrepreneurial and famously litigious fellow called Bikram Choudhury.

I’ve never done the style (or any yoga at all, actually) of hot yoga popularized by Mr. Bikram but I know some people who really enjoy it. For the uninitiated, he became well-known and wealthy by trademarking and branding a sequence of 26 poses performed in a room heated to over 105 degrees.

Based on a premise of stretching while sweating, he’s built a global business empire of 900 licensed yoga studios. He’s also nothing if not litigious; he apparently sues everyone who combines “hot” and “yoga” in either an email or business plan.

can these be adapted for dogs?

Calvin Coolidge famously said that the business of America is business. Mr. Bikram’s business is convincing people to stretch in tight clothes in a very warm room alongside people who are skinnier than they are. The business of puppies is sleeping and relaxing. Can you combine all three?

An Entrepreneurial Vision

My entrepreneurial inspiration came during Luna’s afternoon siesta yesterday. MW sometimes works in the garage where she has a long electrical space heater under the desk. Turn the controller up to 1500 watts (or whatever the 1500 units are) and it kicks out a serious amount of heat. Despite an outside temperature yesterday in the mid-60s, Luna spent most of the afternoon curled up below MW’s feet alongside the heater.

She must have been really, really hot. She slept very, very soundly for hours. Causality, perhaps? I’m an entrepreneurial guy. Can I combine Luna’s natural proclivity for relaxation and Mr. Bikram’s business proof that sweat sells?

impressive yoga pose

can your dog do this?

Here is the idea:

  1. Find some cheap industrial space next to a source of industrial heat source (like a steel mill or aluminum smelter or something smaller like a commercial bakery).
  2. Install indoor-outdoor carpet.
  3. Furnish with large pillows covered in marine grade fabric. Install angled risers and surplus gymnastic equipment.
  4. Brand business as Hot Dogs.
  5. Advertise at local dog park.
  6. Launch FaceBook page and iPhone app.
  7. Appear on Today Show.
  8. Sell monthly subscriptions.
  9. Give free trial to Katie Couric.
  10. Franchise nationally.

That’s it.

The dogs will awaken sweaty and need to stretch as all dogs do after sleeping. I’ll reduce the number of poses from 26 to 2 or 3, including savasana (lying down), ardha kurmasana (stretching forward while lying down).

laying down yoga pose

my dog can do this laying down

Ardha Kurmansan Pose

feel the stretch

Hang on, the phone’s ringing. I think it may be Mr. Bikram’s lawyer with a preemptive cease-and-desist notice.

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  1. lisa permalink
    31 January 2011 4:17 am

    ommmmmm! ruffffff! namaste

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