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dogs should boycott Super Bowl

01 February 2011

MW, OD and I received an invitation to a Super Bowl party. We’re not sure whether the invitation includes Luna; it didn’t specify. I assume she isn’t invited.

Dogs, frankly, just aren’t welcome in the sports world unless it is to sell lager beer and corn chips and fast food.

Football’s long history with dogs isn’t an equitable relationship. It’s thoroughly tilted in favor of stadium executives, ad agency creative directors, party planners, and marketers. They’ve long used dogs to sell beer (Spuds McKenzie: 1987 Super Bowl) and snack food (Doritos: 2010 Super Bowl). Invite dogs, though, to watch in person the bone-crunching hits of James Harrison or Clay Matthews? Hardly. With the exception of Uga, the University of Georgia Bulldogs mascot that attends every game (home and away), they’re on the outside looking in.

Uga, the Georgia Bulldog

representing the hopes of all football-loving dogs

It’s enough to justify a canine-led boycott of the Super Bowl.

Man’s Best Friend Unwelcome at America’s Sporting Venues

Luna discovered this past weekend that she’s one of the unwelcomed.

OD’s soccer game on Sat. took place at a local high school field. The “Dogs Can Go Away; You’re Unwelcome Anywhere Near the Field” signs were fairly numerous.

Yet, we couldn’t leave her in the car for two hours. MW found a quiet section of the bleachers and covered the cold, damp aluminum surface underneath the bench with a polar fleece blanket. After some puppy cuddling during which I think MW gave her a quick overview of the rules of soccer, Luna watched a bit of the action. She then flopped down, slept, and missed a moderately thrilling game.

Ignoring the Game

great game but I'm gonna sleep

OD’s game on Sunday’s took place at a similarly unwelcoming facility. Same message, but bigger signs, as you can see from this image. It wasn’t exactly “Welcome to Ellis Island and here’s some hot chocolate after your long boat ride.”

No dogs on the complex grounds

if you can read this, thank a teacher

Yes, I know the problems that dogs can introduce into stadiums. Most of the problems — like inspirations for dog control ordinances — are due, though, to the irresponsibility of their owners. Think of pit bulls. Think of pit bull owners. (At least the pit bull owners you see on Cops or Fox TV).

Maybe dogs should have a special seating/flopping area, not unlike reserved areas for fans in wheelchairs, from which they can catch the action. Keep the irresponsible owners outside while dogs that want to see game-winning field goals, home runs and penalty kicks, can hang with their peeps.

Although Luna currently sleeps too much to be an effective activist, social media could help her develop a grassroots boycott of the Super Bowl. Publicize the hypocritical treatment of the dogs that drive trillions of dollars in beer and fast food sales.

The NFL already has a labor crisis coming. I doubt it wants another fight with the furry beings that live in 40% of American households.

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  1. 02 February 2011 1:25 pm

    I’m a dog person and understand the trials and tribulations of having a loyal friend


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