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a puppy’s weight gain advice for Jadeveon Clowney

02 February 2011

Today is national signing day in the United States. It is the first day that high school and junior college players can commit to their college of choice to play football this fall. Every year, one player is anointed as the country’s top recruit. South Pointe HS’s (Rock Hill, SC) Jadeveon Clowney is this year’s top dog.

Jadeveon Clowney

top dog in 2011 recruiting class

Football rewards players with size, speed and strength. Most of the recruits will spend the next 3-4 years gaining 40-100lbs so they can survive Saturday afternoon collisions in front of drunken undergrads and well-heeled alumni.

Although Clowney is already 6’6” and 240-250lbs, he’s still looking at an additional 30-35lbs before his college career ends. Instead of listening solely to his strength coaches, he could listen to Luna.

Ten weeks into her life (and just two weeks into life in our home) Luna’s certainly figured out how to maximize her size. Progress has been rapid:

  • On Monday, Jan. 14, she weighed 19.5 lbs.
  • On Sunday, Jan. 20, she weighed 21 lbs.
  • On Tuesday, Feb. 1, she weighed 29 lbs.

Eight pounds in 12 days is a serious weight gain.

We’re not exactly sure how she gained it. We’re not giving her protein shakes. She’s never shopped at GNC, either.

True Mass product image

what's your puppy on?

True, MW did increase the amount of food (1.5 cups up from 1 cup 3X a day). But a week after the ration increase, MW took her to the breeder (B2) for shots and was told that Luna’s had become a little chubby. Result: immediate ration decrease.

A second contributing factor could be that Luna discovered LC’s* food bowl in the laundry room. She’s slunk in there 3-4 times to snatch some nibbles. We’ve caught her each time. LC is 8 lbs so even if Luna empties the bowl, she’s not exactly getting a Super Size Me portion.

Is This the Secret?

The secret could be her post-meal routine:

  • Poop immediately afterwards
  • Return inside house and flop down for 2 hours
  • Repeat 3X/day
sleeping puppy

hardcore maximization of Luna's athletic potential

She probably couldn’t follow this routine if she had lectures and labs to attend but classroom attendance for pampered college football players has always been suspect and ephemeral.

* LC is Luna’s sister. She is a six-year-old Siamese cat.

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