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when a family member stars in a Super Bowl commercial

08 February 2011

Luna’s dad starred in one of the Bud Light Super Bowl 2011 commercials yesterday. As in “seen-by-100-million-people.”

This is really, really cool, despite the fact that dogs would have been completely justified in boycotting the Super Bowl due to dogs not being allowed to actually watch the game. In that respect, they’re not unlike the Steelers and Packers fans who paid to watch the game in person and then actually couldn’t.

Several hundred people who had purchased Super Bowl tickets found themselves without seats because local fire officials deemed some temporary seating unsafe/unusable. Google “super bowl ticket fiasco” for more information on how to treat football fans as dogs. Dogs already know the NFL treats them as dogs —  they just don’t lose money in the process of attending the end-of-season showcase game.

Anyway, Luna’s papa is the great dane (presumably playing Texas Hold’Em) at the end of the commercial. B2 (our breeder) emailed MW the excited news this morning. It was kind of like hearing that a cousin made the cut in an American Idol audition. Here’s the ad:

I’m curious to know if his compensation was a single payment or whether he’ll get residuals for additional TV broadcasts or possibly share in YouTube views.

Available: One Fawn Female Great Dane for 2012 Super Bowl

If any Madison Avenue agencies casting for Super Bowl 2012 commercials are seeking a female (DOB: Nov. 2010) who can pee on all types of flooring, including carpet, broadloom and stone; cry on demand, consume footwear of all sizes and materials; and chew on a wide range of landscaping materials ranging from herbaceous shrubbery to 6”x6” redwood posts, I have just the dog for them.

And they need to understand that acting runs in her family, just like the Barrymores and Cusacks.

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