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Bourne Identity behavioral modification for dogs

15 February 2011

Luna’s biting got a little out of hand. MW’s pajamas collected some holes. Days passed. The cotton gained more holes. Skin was scratched.

One of OD’s fingers bled a trickle of crimson. At least, when you squeezed it. Couldn’t have been dangerous, though, because a single Band-Aid covered it.

Notwithstanding the staunched bloodflow, MW finally lost her mind. This was two weeks ago.

If she had been a typical suburban housewife with OD acting this way, MW’s first call might have been to source some Adderall or Ritalin. Start taking the latter, I’ve heard, and it is a bit like going through life with an opacity filter over your eyes.

MW reached for a different tranquilizer. (Emphasis on “tranquil” added). She unfolded the brochure for the local dog training club. She breathed deeply. She made the call. In place of Adderall, she chose obedience training. It was time to behaviorally change Luna from Jason Bourne to David Webb.

Off MW and Luna went.

Sadly, Robert Ludlum’s dead or he might have been able to work this into a future plot.

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