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the way things were

23 March 2011

Four-and-a-half months already, and Luna’s no longer the tiny (relatively speaking) adorable, great dane puppy she was. Like The Six Million Dollar Man Steve Austin, she’s bigger, faster, stronger. She’s quickly leaving the days as a short, chubby puppy behind her.

Before I get too maudlin in reminiscing, here’s my puppy recommendation for the day: take lots of pictures and video when they’re young. Just like kids; they grow up way, way faster than you think. We should have taken more!

So, cue The Carpenters Rainy Days and Mondays, and let’s go back time just two short months ago when Luna was Little Luna and she met Barney the Dinosaur for the first time.

A Tonic for What Ails Someone You Know

Forward it anyone you know who might be having a grumpy day.

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