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kong air dog squeaker stick product review

31 March 2011
Kong Air Dog Squeaker Stick

kong, making dogs nuts for over 35 years

Kong Air Dog Squeaker Stick Dog Toy

Price: About $10

Riddle of the Day

Q: Why is a dog like a golf bag?

A: Because their owners like to accessorize them.

Golfers don’t need most of the crap they stick on their golf bags. And dogs don’t need most of the crap that dog owners other than me give them.

Today, I’m going to review one of the indispensable items that my wife (MW) purchased last week for our Great Dane puppy Luna. It was one of several items she bought at the local pet store that day. All obviously needed and necessary to Luna’s canine well-being.

It was designed and tested in the USA and patented here. It was made in China. It’s a Kong Air Dog Squeaker Stick Dog Toy. Size large.

A History of Dog Torture in America

The Kong Company has a well-earned history of dog torture, by making dog toys that keep dogs occupied without reward.

The basic Kong is an oblong rubber shape that rolls asymmetrically. It’s hollow so if you fill one with dog treats, you can antagonize your pet for hours. Your Great Dane puppy will roll the Kong around, vainly trying to stop it so it can figure out how to get its large paws, larger tongue and giant mouth close enough to extract a treat.

On the company’s website, the company modestly announces that this devious invention is the “most popular dog toy of all time.”

We welcomed Luna home with a Kong that MW’s friend Lisa gave us. We still have it although Luna doesn’t play with it very often.

The toy that MW brought home is the vastly improved Kong Air Dog Squeaker Stick.

The King of Kongs?

Kong (the company) calls this Kong (the product) an “interactive tennis fetch toy.” Let’s first dissect this marketing hyperbole:

  1. If “interactive” means throwing something to your dog, and the dog picking it up from the ground and staring at you because you’ve assumed he wants to play this pretty unfair game, then, yes, it is interactive.
  2. I don’t know which copywriter thought that you could play anything resembling tennis with this toy. Maybe he/she has never seen tennis, or heard of Federer or Nadal or Wimbledon. Tennis is striking a ball with a strung racquet. Throw this up in the air and hit it with a racquet and you’re likely to lose an eye.
  3. It is pretty heavy. Unless you played baseball beyond high school or international cricket for your country, you aren’t going to be able to throw it very far. Fifteen to twenty yards tops.

The Pros

Luna absolutely loved it…for the first 24 hours. I’m not sure if she has ADD, but she has hardly played with it for the past 5 days.

Bright Color
Easy to see inside or outside.

This is relative. If, a year from now, that first 24 hours will comprise Luna’s interest in it, then it will have been really expensive – even at $10. If she plays with it now and then, it will have been worth it. Note: real tennis balls are way cheaper.

The Cons


This is a plus and minus. If it keeps your dog occupied when you need her to be occupied for 10-15 minutes, then it is a plus. If it keeps your animal occupied for hours on end, you’re going to lose your mind.


Not for serious chewers. The outside is the same kind of yellow fuzz you find on tennis balls. It’s OK (I wouldn’t exactly characterize it as “durable”), but I doubt it will last long in the mouths and paws of serious chewers. To be fair, the company notes on the packaging that it isn’t a chew toy. A nylabone is a chew toy.

Kong Air Dog Squeaker Stick: The Bottom Line

Who knows why dogs do some of the things they do? You certainly can’t predict how much fun your dog will have with this toy. (You can predict, however, how much fun he’ll have with an old pair of sneakers? Lots). The Kong Air Dog Squeaker Stick is not super expensive but I might start with a can of cheap tennis balls. At approx. $3, it’s less than a third the price.


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