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when puppies kill

05 April 2011
Daniel Craig As James Bond

something in common with James Bond

It’s not exactly a day that will live in infamy but our great dane puppy Luna is now a killer. She earned her double 0 status this morning. She now shares something with Daniel Craig.

If you’re not an Ian Fleming or James Bond fan, it means having and exercising a license to kill.

MW took Luna to the dog park this morning for a romp with Lisa’s dog Bodie. It’s a lovely Spring day. Sunshine, low 70s. Even in California, death can arrive on cloudless days.

A Killing Field

The dog park has become inundated with voles since 2009. Members of the same rodent family as rats and mice, voles are 3-5 inches in length and very social creatures. While they’re physically pretty quick (good for short bursts across 2-3 meters), they’re also a bit mentally slow.

I accidentally killed one while running at the park one morning last August. As my foot approached the ground, one ill-advisedly decided to dash across the path.  The foot struck the ground with the vole caught between the dirt and sole. It felt like jelly. I stopped. The vole took about two minutes to die. I did not feel good.

Dying Ain’t Much of a Living


just like the nameless victim

Apparently, Luna was rushing around and a vole, even slower mentally than the one I killed, found its way into her jaws. It must have been remedially slow, because Luna is definitely not about nuance or stealth or subterfuge. She’s loud and enthusiastic. Outdoor exercise with her friends is play as carnage.

As MW realized what was going down (literally and figuratively), she tried unsuccessfully to motivate/command Luna to drop her prey. No dice. Luna obviously decided that her omnivore diet needed a protein boost, and swallowed the poor vole. No dilemma for her.

I don’t know how Luna feels now but her stomach must be upset. We’ll find out in the next couple of hours when she starts to digest the nameless victim.

Are We Turning into the Gottis?

With its demise, Luna now joins her sister LC (Lily cat) on Murderer’s Row. LC killed a bird in the garden about four years ago. We were astonished then because it was at least half of her weight and three-quarters as long.

We’re hoping that this is a one-off for our puppy and that she doesn’t develop an affection for fresh kills. Nausea at the sight of gushing blood was just one of the reasons why I never pursued medicine as a career.

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