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ocean beach: a visit to paradise

15 April 2011
Dog walking at Ocean Beach in San Francisco

only moments away from paradise

It was sunny last Saturday morning when our great dane puppy Luna visited paradise.

There were a few clouds and lots of other dogs. She returned to reality after 90 minutes with sand grains stuck between her knuckles and dried slobber slinking down the top of her nose. For a great dane puppy who longs for adventure (in an environment safe from ticks, rattlesnakes, and mountain lions), paradise was/is San Francisco’s Ocean Beach.

Ocean Beach is a huge, flat, sandy playground for humans and dogs alike. Surfers surf. Boogie boarders do their thing. Joggers and runners exercise. Some people walk or throw frisbees. Dog owners walk, talk, and watch as their four-legged friends run free and perhaps realize that the City of San Francisco contains a hell of a lot of dogs.

Great Dane puppy discovers surfing

trying to figure out what the long thing under his arm is for

Following the International Rules of Dog Play

It is a great place for dogs to socialize. I was very surprised that Luna didn’t meet a single dog that was either aggressive or didn’t understand the unwritten rules of dog play. MW said that it was because Luna can identify the cantankerous dogs that bring the ornery to playtime. Apparently, Luna instinctively knows to avoid them. Or, maybe every dog adhered to these rules like buccaneers adhered to the Pirates Code

Ocean Beach dog play

gettin some air at ocean beach

There were lots of bum-smelling introductions. There were lots of brief “chase me” games that began and ended quickly as we strolled southwards and north. It was heavily kumbaya, the peace and community of San Francisco’s Summer of Love.

An Introduction to Salt Water

This was also Luna’s first time meeting salt water and waves and jellyfish. She avoided all three.

An unfortunate jellyfish that had washed up on shore sat on the sand like a transparent trifle. She sniffed it for a bit but when it didn’t move, ran off. She also left the waves for surfers and experienced wave-chasing dogs that call Ocean Beach home.

When we left, Luna was exhausted, elated, and ready to sleep the rest of the day away. What a wonderful morning and excuse to post some great pics of a great dane puppy enjoying her first day in paradise.

great dane puppy at the beach

sand in the jowls never harmed anyone

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  1. Naz in the UK permalink
    15 April 2011 11:04 pm

    That’s a big bitch 🙂 She’s gorgeous… and she isn’t done growing yet is she? Her paws are still much bigger than her limbs. And I love how she’s stalking the surfer (albeit shyly).

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