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you can never have too much butter

27 May 2011

Can You Develop an Addiction to Butter?

Some people are convinced that you can never have too much butter.

Our Great Dane puppy Luna recently added her name to the list.

She’s taken to butter in a way that would make Julia Child proud.

Julie & Julia for Adolescents

Amy Adams in Julie & Julia

Julie & Julia: are humans better off because of butter?

Probably actress Amy Adams’ most quotable moment from the 2009 cooking-focused Julie & Julia was the “You can never have too much butter” line. In the context of our family, her words characterize a rapidly escalating problem in our home – Luna’s entering adolescence.

In the past month, Life with Luna has been increasingly marked by “it’s my life” and “you’ve mistaken me for someone who cares what you think” moments. (The snake incident appears now to have been a harbinger of the very near future).

Encounters with Butter

Moments that Luna’s repeating more and more are moments with butter.

In most homes, butter is used or kept at a safe distance and height from the dog. A Yorkshire Terrier home, for example. Great Dane homes are different. It’s no problem for a 6-month-old Great Dane to rest her front paws on a 32” high kitchen counter and see what she can discover on this food plateau.

Which is how she learned that you can never have too much butter.

In the first incident, MW was cooking chicken rosotto. A stick of butter was open beside the stove, and portioned into whatever slices the recipe called for. When MW turned away to retrieve an ingredient from the fridge, Luna saw her window of opportunity. A serpent-like flick of her tongue and she introduced herself to the sweetness of grade AA unsalted butter.

All was briefly good in her world until MW turned around and shrieked. Caught in the act in flagrante delicto with her tongue curled around and through the butter and the packaging wrapper.

We hoped it would be a one-off, aberrational lapse of reason. Alas….

Pots of Yummy

Dogs that love butter

canine crime scene: the butter thief strikes again

Luna next discovered what Winnie the Pooh has long known–pots can contain yummy stuff. She found the butter pot.

We don’t know how she figured out where it is kept. (It’s at the back of the countertop against the tiled backsplash). Find it she did, however. In the past two weeks, we’ve surprised her twice, paws comfortably resting on the countertop tiles, as her tongue explored the pot’s contents. Both times she looked as unapologetically innocent as you can imagine. She didn’t even notice our approach, so focused was her concentration.

Who Me?

Do you like butter enough to eat it straight from a pot? I don’t. For Luna, it was love at first lick.

The butter incidents comprise a succession of “you can’t tell me what to do” misdeeds and misadventures. MW is convinced that they’re a symptom. She’s panicking that we’ve got to nip this adolescence thing.

On our Memorial Day weekend schedule, therefore, is a rendezvous with B2 for some professional assessment and advice. No idea what she’s going to say but I suspect Luna’s going to try to snow her with some “on-my-best-behavior” charade. I won’t be surprised at all to witness a display of previously unknown heights of obedience.

Until then, we’re putting the butter up high where you’ll need a step-ladder. Climbing one is a skill Luna hasn’t yet mastered.

Oh, and if you have to pick her out of a police lineup, look for the one with the yellow stuff on her lips.

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  1. lisa permalink
    31 May 2011 5:30 pm

    We’ve caught our cat trying to unwrap butter from parchment wrapping… and he once successfully removed plastic wrap from a bowl of butter-cream icing. ew!

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