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vanity license plates for dogs

05 June 2011

How much do you show how much you love your dog? A lot? A little? (You don’t really, only putting up with the thing because your wife loves it, and you love her?).

Great Dane t-shirt:

wear this t-shirt only if you’re going to be on COPS

Some Great Dane lovers/owners/breeders celebrate their love of the breed within their homes. They wear t-shirts with classy images like this one.

They get their dogs silk-screened onto coffee mugs. They might even hang a velvet painting in their office.

Great Dane Gardens

One step up is to make a statement outdoors. That’s right. If you want to tell anyone who can see your garden that you’re a Great Dane fan, then the Internet can introduce you to folks who make garden statuary.

Great Dane Statue:

resembles a little too much the people the white witch in the Chronicles of Narnia turned into stone

Here’s an example of a statue that will set you back $900, plus whatever the shipping is to your home from Leicester, England.

Promoting Your Dog with Your Car

Stage three, after you’ve become thoroughly besotted with brindles, harlequins, blues, fawns, or Scooby-Doo, is to broadcast your love.

Use your car as the megaphone. You can get a full car wrap. It is expensive, though, and something I wouldn’t do unless you run a dog business. Secondarily, you could get a vanity license plate. Great Dane license plates are much cheaper and easier to change if you suddenly decide a Shih-Tzu is better because the food budget is 1/15 as much.

10 Vanity License Plates of West Coast Great Dane Lovers

License plates for Great Dane lovers

when you really love Great Danes, you tell the world with a Great Dane license plate

Show Me the Love With a Great Dane License Plate

So what do we do? How does our family show we love Luna? We feed her 3X a day. We put the gas fireplace on for her, even in June. She gets exercise almost every day. We play more Michael Jackson than is healthy for a human to listen to. Luna likes his Greatest Hits album. She drinks tea with us.

It’s not a “LUNALVR” vanity license plate but it’s a good start. It’s a Great Dane License plate, though, I think she’ll love.

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