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happy first birthday to our great dane puppy

17 November 2011

Our Great Dane puppy and accounts-payable-on-four-legs Luna turns one today.

3-week old Great Dane puppy

Luna - three weeks old and growing

We’re not sure at what time she entered the world, or in what order (in her litter of five). But she duly arrived in the world last November, weighing about as much as a Cornish hen. She then arrived at our house eight weeks later. To interrupt our sleep, deplete our bank account, wreck our lawn, terrorize LC and alter our life from an orbit around OD to slavish focus on a puppy.

MW thinks we’re better off for it.  OD would second the motion. Me? I could live without the pockmarked lawn. I could live without finding Luna leftovers deposited on our brick patio when I go to the garage to get my bike out in the early morning for a ride. I could easily and very happily live without the monthly drain on the checking account. I’d find it much harder to live without the floppy ears, a black jujube nose that glistens during the afternoon sun, and a pair of eyes that will always remain faithful.

Here is Luna 52 weeks after she entered the world.

luna on her first birthday, Nov. 17, 2011 - 33 inches and 94 lbs

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