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new year’s resolutions for dogs

01 January 2012
2012 logo

The start of a very good year!

It’s New Year’s Day and time to create resolutions about the year ahead based on the year past.

MW is big on this. Every Jan. 1 brings discussion of her preliminary personal theme for the coming year. It is usually a short statement of whatever she wants to focus on during the upcoming year. Content is pretty basic.

Things like “treat my husband with more respect.” Stuff like that. (Ed note: this should be included annually).

MW’s a bit like a best man scribbling down ideas for a wedding reception speech. Over a 72-hour period, she ruminates on what went wrong or not as well as she’d have liked the previous year. She reflects. She vows to do better. She crafts thoughts on pieces of paper. There’s stuff that looks good on paper and then there’s stuff that has real meaning and import for the coming year. (She never tells me which version she ultimately selects).

Within 48 hours of the Rose Bowl, she’s usually finalized her theme. What is it going to be for 2012? I don’t know for MW but I’m confident that I know the dog’s.

Luna is new to the New Year’s resolution principle and workflow. Yet, I think the resolution thing would come naturally to her. She’s nothing, if not focused. She proved it time and again during 2011. Chewing a bone. Eating. Pooping. Playing. Sleeping. Focus on the task at end is clearly evident in everything she does.

So what do you think she would want to change from 2011? I can’t really think of much. The year started a little shaky, of course, given that she was yanked away from her family and given to three strangers. Overall, though, once she realized that we’d feed her regularly and spare no expense on her comfort and healthcare, she enjoyed a very, very good 2011. I can’t imagine Luna would want anything really to change in 2012. Her 2012 New Year’s Resolution?

“More of the same.”

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