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a death in the family

26 July 2012

Wow. Some times that’s all you can say about life.

Luna lost one of her siblings yesterday. Her sister, the one our family called Princess Vi, died of pneumonia. We don’t have any details on how Vi fell ill but Luna’s litter of five is now down to four. That’s attrition that we only expected to live with beginning in 2019/2020.

Who dies of pneumonia? Old folks, people suffering from advanced HIV…you know, people who are prone to sickness, or people already sick. Not young pups that have just celebrated 20 months on Planet Earth.

A Way Too Premature Death in the Family

Does the Great Dane in this picture, which was taken on July 1, 2012, look anything less than super healthy and fit? Nope, she looks great, probably 15 pounds heavier than Luna. If this was a modern remake of Charlotte’s Web, a spider would have written “SOME DANE” in a web attached to one of the plants behind her.

Female Great Dane at 20 Months

luna’s sister vi looking happy and healthy just three weeks before she died of pneumonia

Vi’s owner Cathy sent us a link to a video earlier this year of Vi performing a great string of obedience tricks. Through the viral magic of YouTube, Luna wildly enjoyed watching her sister, who she hadn’t seen since week eight, play. I wrote about it in a May 2012 post entitled “When Animals Leave Their Families.

We’re really, really, really sad for Cathy and everyone—two-and four-legged—who played with her in the Lonestar State. We’re going to show Luna the pictures and video of her sissy again this evening.


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  1. Laura - Dane Affaire permalink
    26 July 2012 11:10 pm

    Thanks so much for blogging about Vienna. She was a very special Dane, that is for sure. Hopefully we will have some answers when all the lab results are in.

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